Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Chicago, IL


Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Chicago

Bicycling is popular in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Cyclists ride on our streets and bicycle paths 365 days a year and like motorcyclists, are vulnerable on the street. When involved in a crash, bicyclists are left with serious injuries. The Chicago bike accident lawyers at Curcio Law Offices fight for their rights. 

Common Types of Bicycle Accidents in Chicago

Side-swiping occurs when a motorist traveling the same direction as a cyclist hits the cyclist with the side of the car. 

Dooring occurs when a motorist opens the car door into the path of the cyclist, and the cyclist hits the door.

Left-hand turn impacts occur when a motorist making a turn fails to see the cyclists in the bike lane or crossing the street.

Rear-end crashes occur when a motorist hits a cyclist from behind. 

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Chicago

Chicago bike accidents commonly occur at stoplights, stop signs and right-hand turns. The cause of these accidents is most commonly attributed to one of the following:

  • confusion over right-of-way
  • distracted driving
  • driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • failure to yield
  • ignoring traffic signals
  • poor visibility
  • speeding

Chicago Bicycle Accident Settlements

Because Illinois is an “at fault” car insurance state, if you sustain injuries during a bike accident, you will have three avenues for compensation:

  1. You can file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance.
  2. You can file a claim with your own insurance.
  3. You can file a personal injury lawsuit.

Bicycle accidents often occur between a cyclist and a motor vehicle. They typically occur because one or both operators violated a traffic law or the motorist did not see the cyclist.

If you file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages that resulted from a bicycle accident, your compensation may include the following damages:

  • Disability, if any of your injuries temporarily or permanently limited your mobility or quality of life.
  • Lost wages, if you missed work to recover from injuries sustained as a result of the bicycle accident.
  • Medical expenses for treatment and/or medications.
  • Pain and suffering, if you suffered emotional trauma because of the bike accident.
  • Property damage, including bicycle repairs or replacement.

You have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit in the state of Illinois. If your bike accident claim involves property damage, you will have five years to file a personal injury lawsuit. 

If you file a personal injury lawsuit for a bike accident in Chicago, a jury will determine the liability of each party involved in the accident. This will bring them to the final settlement amount.

To prove that the other person, or the driver, is liable for the accident, the court will look over the facts of your case and review the evidence presented. Illinois is a "pure comparative fault" state, which means that if you are not 100% liable for the bicycle accident, you can still receive compensation. Your final settlement amount is directly related to your share of the liability. 

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If you’d like to know more about how to safely ride in Illinois, Chicago provides a Cycle Rider Safety Training Program.

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