Amazon Truck Accident in Chicago

Accident victims who are hit by an Amazon delivery truck or a flex vehicle loaded with packages may get serious injuries or perhaps die. Many parcel delivery drivers labor on tight deadlines, frantically attempting to have their items delivered on time, resulting in erratic driving and exhaustion. An Amazon truck accident has the potential to be deadly, just as many commercial vehicle accident cases do. That’s why it’s important to have a Chicago truck accident lawyer on hand to deal with the specifics of your case.

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What Happens If You Get Hit By An Amazon Truck?

As with any personal injury case, we recommend taking certain steps to help the potential success of your case. Below, we list the steps we advise our clients to take after an accident.

  • Call the police. You should notify law enforcement to come to the accident scene once you are in a safe location. Officers will examine the damage, any injuries, and file an accident report once they arrive. This report will come in handy when it comes time to submit your case to the insurance companies. You should also contact first responders to treat any injuries at the scene of the accident and, if required, transfer you and those involved in the accident to the hospital.
  • Exchange information. You should exchange information with the motorist before leaving the accident scene. The following details should be included.
    • Name of the Amazon truck driver and contact information
    • License plate number of the Amazon truck
    • Insurance information of the Amazon driver

You should also try to determine whether the Amazon driver was on duty at the time of the collision in addition to gathering this information. If this is the case, Amazon may be liable for any damages or injuries caused by the delivery driver.

  • Document the accident. Once you’ve reached a secure location and had your injuries treated, you should start gathering evidence to support your personal injury claim. Take photographs of the damage to your car, photographs of your injuries, witness testimonies, and contact information, for example. More precisely, you should record the date, place, and time of the accident, as well as your early thoughts on the event’s cause.
  • Call an attorney. Hire a Chicago truck accident attorney to manage your Amazon truck accident case.

How Do I Report an Accident to Amazon?

Although Amazon has defended itself by arguing that its drivers are independent contractors rather than employees, evidence shows that Amazon has sufficient influence over its drivers to be held responsible for the accidents they cause. You can contact the Amazon On-Road Incident Emergency Hotline to report an Amazon driver for any reason. Do not hesitate to dial 911 in the event of an emergency.

Finally, before supplying Amazon with any information or specifics of a car accident in which you were involved, you should consult with an accident attorney.

How Do I File a Claim Against Amazon for an Accident?

It is critical that you pursue your claim with the insurance company following an Amazon delivery mishap. As previously said, you must report the accident to authorities and get medical help. Follow the steps below in the event of an Amazon truck accident.

  • Ensure that the proper authorities receive the insurance information from Amazon.
  • If you suffered property damage during the accident, get the Amazon insurance information from the truck driver.
  • Inform Amazon of the accident via their On-Road Incident Emergency Hotline. Include information such as a description of the accident, the location, damages, and all parties involved.
  • Provide photos of the accident, as well as dash camera footage and numbers on the police report.

It is critical that you obtain the advice of an attorney before proceeding with your insurance claim. When you hire an attorney to handle your claim and interact with the insurance company, you can be certain that your claim will be treated seriously at all times. Allowing an attorney to handle your claim guarantees that insurance companies do not defraud you of the amount you are entitled to.

What is the First Step If You Are in an Amazon Truck Accident?

After any accident, it is imperative that you move to a safe space and seek medical attention. Not only does this ensure your safety and wellbeing, it also adds legitimacy to your claim. The sooner after the accident that you verify any injuries you suffered, the easier it is to connect those injuries to the accident. If you wait longer than necessary to speak to a doctor, the insurance company might doubt that your injuries resulted from that accident.

Who Is Responsible for an Amazon Truck Accident?

At first glance, many people believe that the truck driver is the only one responsible. However, these Amazon truck accidents have the potential to be much more complicated. Below, we list the potential responsible parties in these accidents.

The Amazon Driver

Did you know that even if the at-fault driver’s vehicle is emblazoned with an Amazon or FedEx insignia, it’s possible that they don’t work for said companies? Some businesses use independent contractors to make deliveries, but they must still wear their insignia and adhere to their deadlines.

What’s the reasoning behind this? To avoid being held liable if a motorist makes a mistake. You can’t submit a claim under Amazon or FedEx’s enormous insurance coverage if an independent contractor causes a crash. Instead, you’ll have to seek reimbursement from the contractor’s own insurance policy or seek coverage elsewhere (such as your uninsured/underinsured motorist policy). A knowledgeable delivery truck lawyer can assist you in determining who is to blame for your injuries and obtaining the compensation you are entitled to.

You can bring a claim against the individual driver if the driver is an independent contractor and not an employee of the organization. You may accept a settlement from the driver’s insurance company, or you could take your case to court to fight for the money you deserve.

The Company Itself

There is a notion of responsibility that holds a corporation accountable for its workers’ conduct. The injured person might bring a claim against the firm if a hired driver commits negligent or illegal conduct while on the job. In the event of an accident, state laws define the “scope of employment.”

A Third Party

An Amazon truck accident may sometimes be blamed on a third party, such as a driver or a vehicle manufacturer. In this situation, the affected parties might sue the third party as well as the delivery truck driver or company.

Do I Qualify for an Amazon Truck Accident Case?

Consider the following questions before you proceed with an injury case against Amazon. Did you sustain injuries in the accident? What about property damage? Was the other party mostly or completely at fault for the accident and damages?

You may or may not know if the other party is to blame if you were hurt. The second question can only be answered by an experienced Chicago commercial accident lawyer. If you answered yes to both questions, there’s a good possibility you have a legal claim and are entitled to significant compensation. Because Amazon is a multibillion-dollar business with independent freelancers, its insurance plans are not the same as those of the average commuter. This is one of the many reasons why it is usually necessary to hire a skilled attorney to handle these complicated problems on your behalf in order to guarantee that your rights are safeguarded.

Do I Need an Amazon Truck Accident Lawyer in Chicago?

If you are hurt as a result of an Amazon delivery driver’s or a defective Amazon truck’s negligence, our commercial transportation accident lawyers are ready to take your case all the way to trial unless Amazon offers you a suitable settlement offer before the trial. Our first priority is to do all we can to guarantee a fair and reasonable resolution of your case. For more information or to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, please call 312-321-1111 today.