$1,200,000 Settlement

Plaintiff, a 28 year old woman and mother of two, was shopping in a remnant carpet store when a wooden rack supporting hundreds of pounds of carpet rolls collapsed, burying her resulting in her death by suffocation.

$1,270,000 Settlement

Plaintiff, a 5 year old girl was crushed to death between the hinged floor door and the sliding gate at the front of an elevator while exiting the cab as it began to move in response to a call from a lower floor.

$110,000 Settlement

The plaintiff suffered a heart attack after being shocked by electrical current traveling through the ground caused by a broken power line that had fallen and come into contact with the ground a few houses away from her own. Suit was filed against the local power company alleging negligent installation and maintenance of the power lines.

$40,000 Settlement

An 8 year old child was bitten on the face by the neighbor’s dog resulting in scarring to her face. The claim was settled for the limits of the neighbor’s homeowner’s policy of insurance.