Bus Accident Attorney in Chicago, IL

A specific set of laws apply to public transportation in Illinois, called common carrier laws. These apply to any company offering paid transportation services. Because common carriers put more people at risk, the laws governing these vehicles are much more strict. In Illinois, the statute outlining common carrier responsibilities makes it clear that the carries is responsible for your safety. If you’ve sustained injuries while riding a common carrier in Chicago, contact one of our bus accident lawyers today. 

If you've been injured in a bus accident in Chicago, you need a bus accident lawyer.

More often than not, carriers and transportation companies will offer settlements quickly to the passengers who were involved in a crash. They do this to close the case as soon as possible. The sooner they can close the case, the less damage it does to the company's reputation and profit margin. While it may be tempting to take the initial settlement they offer, you should always have a lawyer examine it, first. 

Settlements may be in millions of dollars, but this amount isn't based on what's "fair" for the victim. It's based on the lowest possible dollar amount that bus injury victims will accept without a fight. This doesn't mean it will cover medical bills, lost wages, etc. 

A bus accident lawyer can examine the settlement, advise you and negotiate with the transportation company to make sure that you get what you deserve. 

Bus accidents are not too common in Illinois. They have a slightly better record for personal safety than personal vehicles. While bus accidents are rare, when they occur, several passengers are typically injured.

If negligence caused the bus accident, you'll want to file a lawsuit. The bus crash may cause temporary or permanent damage, and if you'll need treatment or therapy, down the road, you will expect your medical fees to be covered. 

Just like there can be multiple plaintiffs in bus accident cases, there can also be multiple defendants--several parties that are responsible for the crash.

Regardless of shared liability, most Chicago bus and transportation companies will immediately start to present resolutions. Bus accident settlements require both parties to agree on the settlement amount. 

It's important to note that bus accident settlements also request plaintiffs not to pursue any future claims against the transportation company. 

As with any vehicle accident, it's important to make sure anyone injured in the accident received prompt medical care. You'll want to document the scene and take down contact information for everyone who was involved in the bus crash. Gathering witness statements and contact information is also a critical step. Afterwards, the bus accidents lawyers at Curcio Law offices can help you through the legal side of things, so that you can focus your efforts on recovering.

How to Determine Fault in a Chicago Bus Crash

Any of the following could be held responsible after a bus accident in Chicago, IL:

  • the bus driver
  • any other negligent drivers
  • bus management company
  • bus equipment manufacturers
  • government organization, (if it is a public transportation bus)

The bus accident lawyers at Curcio Law Offices are familiar with the different types of bus accidents you might experience–regardless if it’s a charter bus, private bus company, such as MegaBus or Greyhound, CTA bus, school bus, etc. 

Chicago Bus Accident Attorneys That Fight for You

Common carrier law can influence how your case goes, after a bus accident in Chicago. Even though this law does hold the carrier to a higher standard, the responsibility of proving negligence still falls on the injured party. 

The bus accident lawyers at Curcio Law Office are ready to help you determine whether or not there’s an issue of negligence in your bus accident case. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation and fight to ensure you receive the compensation for any injury, death of a loved one, or potential property damage you may have incurred because of the accident. 

We operate on a contingency basis, so you only pay after we recover compensation for you.

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