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Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms

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Spinal cord injuries manifest through a variety of symptoms, which can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life and necessitate immediate medical attention. The severity and location of the injury largely dictate the symptoms experienced, which can range from mild to severe. Key symptoms include:

  • Loss of movement or sensation in extremities, leading to complete paralysis or partial mobility issues.
  • Difficulties with bladder and bowel control, affecting an individual’s independence and daily routines.
  • Changes in sexual function, which can affect personal relationships and self-esteem.
  • Intense stinging sensations or chronic pain, indicating nerve damage or dysfunction.
  • Breathing problems, particularly with injuries near the neck, posing immediate health risks.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for A Spinal Cord Injury Claim in Chicago, IL?

Pursuing a spinal cord injury claim in Chicago without a seasoned personal injury lawyer can be both overwhelming and damaging to the outcome of spinal cord injury cases. A Chicago personal injury lawyer can assess your personal injury claim, gather critical evidence, and negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you receive the maximum compensation.

Chicago personal injury attorneys specializing in spinal cord injuries understand the long-term financial and emotional impact of such injuries and will fight tirelessly to cover medical expenses, physical therapy and occupational therapy costs, lost wages, and more.

How Our Chicago Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Can Help

At Curcio & Casciato, our spinal cord injury attorneys are here to offer you the support, guidance, and expertise necessary to navigate this challenging time. Working with an experienced Chicago spinal cord injury lawyer from our law firm is critical when establishing negligence and determining liability.

Your Chicago personal injury lawyer will prove that negligent actions led to the accident and that your spinal cord injury caused by this negligence led to damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, and more. This is invaluable for auto accident claims, such as construction vehicle accidents or motorcycle accidents that can lead to severe injuries.

From handling legal proceedings and insurance claims to advocating for your rights against negligent parties, our personal injury attorneys will be with you every step of the way.

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Determining liability in spine injury cases requires collecting and analyzing evidence like accident reports, witness statements, medical records, and expert testimonies to establish fault. It’s important to note that your personal injury lawsuit may have multiple liable parties, including individuals, companies, or governmental entities, depending on the nature of the accident, whether it’s a car accident, a fall at a construction site, or a malfunctioning product.

Establishing fault is essential to pursue compensation, as it directly affects the ability to secure economic damages for medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and other losses. This process requires a deep understanding of personal injury law and negligence, making the expertise of a Chicago spinal cord injury lawyer invaluable.

Determining full and fair compensation for a spine injury involves a comprehensive evaluation of not only the immediate medical costs but also the long-term effects of the spinal injury on the individual’s life. This process requires a detailed assessment of medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity. It’s also important to take into consideration non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

An experienced team of Chicago personal injury lawyers is vital in accurately calculating these costs, ensuring that compensation covers both current and future needs. Given the challenges and life-altering nature of spinal cord injuries, securing maximum compensation is essential for providing the resources needed for recovery and adjustment to new life circumstances.

Negotiating with the at-fault party to recover compensation for spinal cord injuries is a critical phase, as it often determines the level of compensation you will receive for your injuries and suffering. Experienced spinal cord injury lawyers play a key role, leveraging their knowledge of personal injury law, evidence from spinal cord injury cases, and expert testimonies to build a compelling argument for your personal injury claim.

At Curcio & Casciato, our Chicago spinal cord injury lawyers excel in negotiation, aiming to secure the best possible outcome without the need for a lengthy court battle. However, they are also prepared to take the case to court if the at-fault party’s insurance company is unwilling to offer a fair settlement.

Taking your spinal injury case to court is a step that may become necessary when negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance company fail to result in a fair settlement that covers ongoing medical expenses and other damages. This legal action requires meticulous preparation and a compelling presentation of evidence to demonstrate the extent of your spinal cord injuries and the impact they have had on your life.

In court, your Chicago spinal cord injury lawyer will argue your case before a judge or jury, highlighting the negligence of liable parties and substantiating your claim for compensation. This process involves the collection and presentation of medical records and other relevant evidence to support your claim.

Our Chicago Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Pursue Maximum Compensation for Spinal Cord Injuries

At Curcio & Casciato, our Chicago spinal cord injury lawyers will pursue maximum compensation for clients affected by spinal cord injuries. With a personalized and aggressive approach, our law firm strives to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Trust Curcio & Casciato to fight for the justice you need to move forward and heal from your spinal injuries.

If you or someone you love is looking for strong spinal cord injury litigation, you need an experienced lawyer from Curcio & Casciato on your side. Our Chicago spinal cord injury attorneys will help you achieve just compensation. We have 60 years of combined experience in defending our clients in personal injury cases and so much more. Call us today at 312-321-1111 for a free consultation.

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Spinal Cord Injury Types

Spinal cord injuries vary greatly in severity and impact, ranging from complete paralysis to partial loss of motor function and sensation. Types of spinal injuries are classified into two main categories: complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries, depending on whether any motor or sensory function remains below the injury site. The level of the injury on the spinal cord also plays a significant role in determining the extent of impairment, with injuries higher up on the spinal column causing more central nervous system damage and often resulting in more severe consequences.

A complete spinal cord injury signifies that there is no remaining neural activity crossing the point of trauma on the spinal cord, resulting in complete paralysis of the affected areas. The implications of complete spinal cord injuries are profound, affecting not only the physical capabilities of an individual but also their emotional well-being and lifestyle.

It’s imperative that those who have sustained complete injuries contact an experienced Chicago spinal cord injury lawyer to ensure settlement offers will cover ongoing medical costs and other lifetime costs associated with complete spinal cord injuries.


Tetraplegia, also known as quadriplegia, is a complete spinal cord injury that results in partial or total loss of use of all four limbs and the torso. This condition is caused by damage to the cervical spinal cord and is characterized by varying degrees of paralysis of the arms and legs, along with potential difficulties in bodily functions.


Paraplegia is a type of spinal cord injury that affects the body’s lower half, resulting in the partial or total loss of movement and sensation in the legs. These complete injuries are usually the consequence of damage to the thoracic, lumbar, or sacral regions of the spinal cord.


Triplegia is a less common form of paralysis that affects three limbs and generally involves both legs and one arm or both arms and one leg. This conditionoccurs when a spinal injury or neurological diseases does not equally affect all limbs. The specific pattern of paralysis in triplegia depends on the location and severity of the spinal cord damage or the nature of the neurological condition.

Incomplete spinal cord injuries are less severe than their complete counterparts, where the ability to convey messages to and from the brain is not completely lost. Individuals with incomplete injuries retain some level of sensory or motor function below the site of the injury. The nature of an incomplete injury means there is a possibility for substantial recovery, making early and aggressive rehabilitation crucial for those suffering incomplete spinal cord injuries.

While incomplete injuries aren’t as catastrophic as complete injuries, they can still be devastating and extremely costly.

Central Cord Syndrome

Central cord syndrome affects the center of the spinal cord and is often the result of hyperextension injuries, which can be caused by falls or accidents. Symptoms of central cord syndrome may include weakness or paralysis that is more pronounced in the arms than in the legs.

Anterior Cord Syndrome

Anterior cord syndrome typically involves damage to the front of the spinal cord, which impacts touch and temperature sensations for victims. With anterior cord syndrome, some motor function may be preserved. However, individuals still face many challenges related to movement and sensation. Occupational therapy and physical therapy can help if pursued soon after the injury occurred.

Spinal cord compression occurs when pressure is applied to the spine, resulting in a range of symptoms from mild discomfort to severe neurological impairment. This pressure can be caused by herniated discs, tumors, spinal stenosis, or injuries that result in swelling or displacement of spinal structures.

Symptoms include pain, weakness, numbness, and loss of bladder or bowel control, depending on the severity and location of the compression.

Spinal Cord Injury Levels

The spinal cord is divided into segments that correspond to the body’s various levels of neural control, and the impact of a spinal injury largely depends on the specific level at which it occurs. These levels are categorized as follows:

  • Cervical Nerves (C1-C8): Injuries to the cervical region affect the neck and can result in tetraplegia. The higher the injury within this region, the more severe the impact. So, a C5/C6 spinal injury is less severe than a C1 through C2 spinal injury

  • Thoracic Nerves (T1-T12): Thoracic injuries primarily affect the chest and upper abdomen. Injuries to this region can result in paraplegia.

  • Lumbar Nerves (L1-L5): Injuries at the lumbar level often result in paraplegia. Individuals may retain some use of their legs but often require assistance.

  • Sacral Nerves (S1-S5): Sacral injuries affect the hip bones, back of the thighs, buttocks, and pelvic organs.

The specific symptoms and outcomes of a spinal cord injury can vary, even among injuries at the same level, due to the complex nature of the spinal cord and the different degrees of damage that can occur.

Chicago Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries in Chicago, Illinois

In Illinois, spinal cord injuries occur due to a range of incidents, each presenting unique challenges and outcomes. When a spine injury occurs because of someone else’s negligence, victims could be eligible to pursue compensation from the responsible party.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents are common in industries where physical labor, machinery, and elevated workspaces are prevalent. These injuries often result from falls, being struck by or caught in machinery, and lifting or handling of heavy materials.

The repercussions of workplace injuries can be profound, affecting not only the physical health and mobility of the affected individuals but also their ability to earn a living and maintain their quality of life.

If you were involved in a workplace accident where you sustained a spinal injury, contact the Chicago work injury lawyers to learn more about filing a claim.

Motor Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are among the leading causes of spinal cord injuries. The impact and trauma associated with vehicle collisions, motorcycle crashes, and truck accidents can exert tremendous force on the spinal column, leading to severe injuries.

At Curcio & Casciato, the Chicago car accident attorneys can help victims seek compensation for their injuries. To schedule a free consultation, call 312-321-1111 today.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are another source of spinal cord injuries, often resulting from vehicle collisions, unexpected obstacles, or unsafe road conditions. One particularly dangerous situation for cyclists is “dooring,” which happens when a car door is suddenly opened in the path of an oncoming bicycle, leading to a collision that can cause the cyclist to be thrown off their bike, potentially resulting in spinal cord injuries.

The dynamics of bike accidents often mean that cyclists are at a high risk of severe injury. The sooner you contact a Chicago bicycle accident lawyer following the incident, the sooner you can begin receiving compensation.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of spine injuries and can occur anywhere, from workplaces, public spaces, and private residences. These accidents can result from slippery surfaces, uneven flooring, poorly lit areas, or obstacles that are not immediately obvious. The impact of a fall can cause significant trauma to the spine. If you were injured on another person’s property, contact the Chicago premises liability attorneys from Curcio & Casciato to discuss filing a claim.

Spinal Cord Injury FAQs

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Compensation for a spine injury varies, often ranging from thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the severity of the injury, damages, and the impact on the victim’s life.

Yes, a spine injury often qualifies for disability benefits, as it can lead to significant physical limitations and impairments that affect an individual’s ability to work and perform daily activities.

The value of a claim for lower back pain can vary, depending on the severity of the injury, the impact on the individual’s ability to work and live normally, and the costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation.

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At Curcio & Casciato, our personal injury lawyers are committed to representing individuals with spinal cord injuries. With a track record of success and a compassionate approach, we’re here to guide you through every step of your personal injury claim. Call Curcio & Casciato at (312) 321-1111 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced spinal cord injury attorney today.