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Chicago Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

Pursuing Compensation and Justice for the Injured

Illinois’ DUI laws are strict, and law enforcement and prosecutors are serious about enforcing them. Yet every day, people still choose to get behind the wheel after they have had too much to drink. The results of this choice are often devastating for others trying to use the same roads as the intoxicated drivers.

Reach out to Curcio Law Offices for help if you were injured by a drunk driver in Chicago or anywhere in Cook County. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers is committed to holding drunk drivers accountable for their actions. Since our founding in 1957, we have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injured clients, including many whose lives were forever changed by a drunk driver.

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When You Need Answers

Our Chicago DUI accident attorneys help clients find answers to the questions that come up in the aftermath of a serious injury. What if the drunk driver had no insurance? What if it was a hit-and-run situation? And, most of all, just how did this accident happen?

It is only through dedication and thorough investigation that these questions can be properly answered. Our team routinely works with accident reconstructionists and other experts to determine the sequence of events that led to the crash. Then, we employ our proven negotiation skills to obtain a favorable settlement for our client. If the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement, we will not hesitate to take the case to trial.

Comprehensive Drunk Driving Accident Representation

A DUI-related crash differs from other car accident situations because there are often criminal charges brought against the drunk driver. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers monitor the developments of these criminal cases. A criminal conviction adds additional strength to a personal injury lawsuit, which is a separate civil proceeding.

If You Were the Victim of DUI Accident, Call Our Cook County Lawyers for Help

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