We Fight For The Rights Of Those Injured By Defective Products

Curcio Law Offices, in downtown Chicago, has extensive experience helping people injured by defective products recover compensation for their injuries. Our attorneys have represented many individuals and families afflicted with serious and catastrophic injuries caused by defective products and have won them the compensation to which they were entitled.

Experience Matters — And We Have It

Our firm has litigated a host of defective product injury cases from those involving industrial machinery, to consumer electronics and power tools, to defective medical devices. Most product liability cases can be grouped into one of the five categories:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Marketing defects
  • Failure to warn
  • Failure to guard

These cases are highly complex and are often fiercely contested by product manufacturers, designers and distributors who have a legal obligation to produce and market products that are safe for their intended or likely uses. When confronted with a product liability case manufacturers often are interested in minimizing the publicity associated with product liability lawsuits.

Our firm works closely with many industry experts to determine the cause of product liability cases. We have the skill, experience and resources to effectively prepare, manage and present product liability cases to a jury or negotiate a just settlement. Our staff is committed to helping people injured by defective products receive the compensation necessary to recover from their injuries and move forward with their lives.

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If you or a member of your family has been injured by a defective product, please contact the Chicago product liability attorneys at Curcio Law Offices in downtown Chicago or call 312-321-1111 and schedule a free consultation today.

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