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An unexpected animal assault is frightening. It can strike without notice and leave you with terrible personal injuries. It can affect you, your family, and your children. There is a risk of physical damage as well as dog bite infections, regardless of whether the animal was mistreated, violent, or wild. Children are the victims of the majority of animal and dog bites. While there are situations when someone provoked the animal, attacks during regular interactions with no provocation greatly outweigh them. For these reasons, it is imperative that you seek out a Chicago dog bite lawyer for your case.

At Curcio & Casciato, we primarily handle personal injury cases in Chicago. When these situations happen, many people often wonder what to do after a dog bite. With the help of a dog bite lawyer with Curcio & Casciato, the whole process is simpler. To get in touch with a qualified attorney who’s willing to defend your rights, please call our office at 312-321-1111 for your free consultation. 


What Kind of Lawyer Do You Need for a Dog Bite?

After suffering from a dog bite, you need to contact a Chicago personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Contacting a dog bite lawyer as soon as possible is the best method to learn when you are liable for dog bite compensation, what compensation is deserved and how to obtain it. A qualified dog bite injury lawyer can determine where compensation is most likely to come from, ensure that your documents are in order, that you are receiving the correct amount of compensation if you must rely on your own insurance, that a settlement offer after a lawsuit has begun is reasonable, and, if necessary, represent you in court to obtain the justice you deserve.

How to File a Dog Bite Claim?

Step 1: Determine Fault

The specifics of what you’ll need to show who’s to blame for the bite vary depending on where you reside and when the injury occurred. Dog bite liability, on the other hand, can be proven largely by demonstrating that the dog owner was negligent in some way. For example, introducing a new dog safely requires a certain amount of preparation. If the dog’s owner fails to take precautions, they could be held liable for injuries.

Step 2: Document the Claim

Dog bite lawsuits are typically much simpler than other personal injury cases, and having paperwork to back up your claim can help your lawyer construct your case. The most critical elements to consider are listed below.

  • Medical records of injuries and treatment costs
  • Expenses, such as medical expenses and other injury-related costs
  • Pictures of the injuries, the location of the injury, and anything relevant at the scene
  • Witnesses’ contact information and statements

Step 3: Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer

Speak with a dog bite injury lawyer before dealing with the other side’s insurance. If you give a statement to the insurance company without planning ahead of time, they may be confused, ask you questions that lead you to acknowledge blame, or undermine your case. An experienced dog bite lawyer will help with the following.

  • The next steps to take for your claim
  • Preparation for speaking with an insurance company
  • Investigation of your case
  • Establishing an estimated value to your claim
  • Negotiating with insurance companies for compensation
  • Letting you focus on recovery while they focus on fighting for just compensation

How Long Do You Have to File an Insurance Claim After a Dog Bite?

If you’re thinking of making a claim for a dog bite injury, you should first learn about your state’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims. The statute of limitations in your state is the legislation that puts a time restriction on your capacity to file a certain type of claim. 

Personal injury claims often have a time restriction of two to three years. This, however, varies based on the state in which you live. Failure to submit a claim within the applicable statute of limitations in your state would almost certainly result in a court refusing to consider your case. To understand more about how the statute of limitations may influence your case, speak with an attorney. Notably, Illinois has a dog bite statute of limitations of 2 years.

Dog Bite Pain and Suffering

The injuries caused by being mauled and bitten by a dog can be serious and excruciatingly painful. You may also have pain as a result of operations, treatments, and the rehabilitation or physical therapy required to restore full use of any damaged limbs or body parts. You are entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced as a result of your attack. These damages might be raised if there is any lasting disfigurement as a result of the accident, as well as any future operations or treatments that may be required for rehabilitation.

What Damages Are Available for Dog Bite Injuries?

Dog bites can cause serious bodily and psychological harm. Every year, nearly 5 million dog bite victims require emergency medical treatment, according to the Centers for Disease Control. One in every five dog bite injuries will become infected, necessitating surgery and long-term therapy to regain function. If you are bitten by someone else’s dog, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Below, we list the most common damages that people seek in dog bite claims.

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Punitive damages

Our Chicago emotional distress attorneys can show you how to calculate pain & suffering and help you calculate lost wage damages.

What Causes Dog Bites in Chicago?

Dog bite claims can arise from a variety of circumstances and include a variety of dog breeds. The most frequent dog bite claims are listed below.

  • Non-aggressive dog accidents: Non-aggressive dogs that inadvertently attack people can cause dog bites. Dogs can get enthusiastic and jump on or attack people as a means of attempting to engage with them. Even if they have no intention of harming you, dog owners may be held responsible for the conduct of their non-aggressive pets.
  • Dangerous dog breeds: Some dogs are intrinsically more hazardous than others, depending on their upbringing or their breed. These breeds are more likely to attack people, either because of their breed or because of their owner’s treatment of them. In this scenario, an owner might be held responsible for failing to take reasonable steps to protect others from their dog, which they know or should know is potentially harmful.
  • Dog bites against young children: Because children are so fragile, dog attacks on them can be extremely dangerous. Children who have been attacked and bitten by a dog suffer not only physical damage but also emotional anguish as a result of the occurrences. Our Chicago child injury lawyers can help with these dog bite claims.

What Do I Have to Prove to Recover Compensation For My Dog Bite Injuries?

Your dog bite lawyer will prove one of several things to secure compensation for your case. Below, we list some of the ways in which your lawyer might choose to add credibility to your case.

  • Negligence: In traditional negligence cases, the plaintiff must demonstrate the four d’s of negligence— that the dog’s owner owes the injured party a duty of care, which was broken. Your attorney will seek to establish that their injuries were caused by this breach of duty. Failure to securely secure a dog or take necessary steps to keep a dog away from others if they are known to be harmful might result in a breach.
  • One bite rule: This “one-bite” guideline is followed in several states. The one-bite rule establishes responsibility depending on whether the owner was aware that their dog had previously bitten someone or had the propensity to bite. This criterion establishes whether an animal’s owner knew or should have known that their pet constituted a danger to others.
  • Negligence per se: Another approach to prove culpability is via negligence per se. This indicates that a party’s carelessness was caused by a violation of a legislation or municipal ordinance. For example, if your state requires all dogs to be leashed when on walks and you are attacked by a dog that was wandering freely, the owner may be held liable simply because they did not follow the rule.
  • Strict liability: Finally, some states use a stringent responsibility standard. Strict responsibility indicates that a defendant is responsible regardless of what he or she did or did not do. If a strict liability dog bite legislation exists, a defendant may be held automatically responsible if their dog bit someone when they were legally authorized to be there and the injured victim did not provoke the dog.

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