How to Introduce a New Dog

how to introduce a new dog

When a family decides to get a dog for a pet, chances are they spend considerable time selecting a breed based on their family’s needs and lifestyle. While this type of research is beneficial and necessary, a family’s preparation to introduce a new dog into their home will require even more planning than that. Families who prioritize learning about dogs and how to behave around them may be able to effectively make their experience more positive without any serious concerns about safety. 

While the majority of animal attacks may be between a person and an animal they do not know, people being attacked by their own pets is not unheard of. Even more concerning are situations where a new dog is introduced into a family that has small children. With this dynamic, it is imperative that parents spend adequate time teaching their children about how to behave appropriately, respectfully and responsibly around a dog so they do not become the victim of a preventable attack. 

According to, parents can make learning about safety around a dog something that is interactive and fun. They could consider showing a chart of different types of dog behavior. They can discuss each behavior and quiz their children about how they should react when their dog is exhibiting those behaviors. For example, if a dog is wagging its tail, what does that mean? If a dog suddenly becomes withdrawn and its tail is tucked between its legs, what should they do? suggests that as soon as families are able to establish a routine, the faster a dog and its family may be able to adjust. When a dog knows what to expect, he or she will be more at ease which in turn, may help its family to recognize more easily if it is exhibiting strange behavior which could be indicative of his or her discomfort or angst. 


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