How Much Does an Average Funeral Cost?


Final expenses are often much more than you imagine they will be, and finding out you owe a large bill after dealing with the grief over the death can be devastating. If you have a wrongful death lawsuit over the death, it is possible to ask for funeral expenses as part of your damage award. However, in order to know what to ask for requires understanding the average funeral costs. 

How Much Does the Average Funeral Cost in Illinois?

The costs of a funeral can vary widely because of the many different aspects of such a service. For example, some people have multiple days with visiting hours while some families do the calling hours and funeral in one day. Other services can also add to the overall costs, such as securing the death certificates, printing memorial cards and writing the obituary. According to Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage, the average costs range from around $2,700 to over $10,000 in Illinois. 

What are the Required Funeral Expenses?

If you wish to bury your loved one in the ground, then you must pay for the containers, which include the casket and the vault.

What Does the Average Casket Cost?

Casket prices range from affordable to extravagant. You can often find what you need within your budget. The average casket costs a little over $2,000. However, mahogany, copper, or bronze caskets can sell for $10,000 or more.

What are the Average Funeral Home Costs?

You will have to pay fees to the coroner, and the funeral home will also charge for its services, including having people present to welcome people as they come into the parlor, along with those working behind the scenes and at the cemetery. If you do not have a burial plot, you will also need to buy that. 

How Much Does Cremation Cost?

If you choose cremation, you may still opt for a viewing, which will include all the fees from the funeral parlor for preparing and storing the body. You also must pay the costs of cremation and any transportation for the body or remains. In most cases, cremation will be the cheaper option over burial. 

Optional Services 

There are some optional services you may choose that will impact your expenses. For example, embalming is not a requirement, but it is a service that funeral parlors offer. 

How Will I Pay for a Funeral After a Wrongful Death?

Funerals are expensive, and more often than not, no one expects them. Most deaths are shocking, but wrongful death cases make these terrible situations worse.

If you’re struggling to pay for the burial expenses, mention it to your wrongful death attorney. Many times, it is possible to get compensation for the funeral expenses in your wrongful death claim.

The average funeral cost in Illinois is around $6,000. And, while some people can pay that easily, that’s certainly not the case for everyone. When a loved one dies suddenly due to the negligence of others, your entire life may change overnight. A wrongful death attorney can at least make your financial situation more stable, by helping you cover funeral expenses.

Chicago Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help with Funeral Costs

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