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Chicago Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer


Even though it’s not something you hear about every day, a garbage truck accident is a very real possibility for any driver on the road. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) data in 2017, an estimated 1,400+ injuries occurred as a result of garbage truck accidents. Over 100 of these accidents resulted in fatalities. Many people, understandably, don’t view these slow, heavy trucks as life-threatening. However, certain people such as cyclists or pedestrians are more at risk than the average driver. That is not to say that passenger vehicles are not at risk. Any level of crash severity could occur, from minor bumps to a totaled vehicle.

At Curcio Law Offices, we exclusively focus on personal injury cases, including garbage truck accidents. If you or a loved one suffered an injury as a result of a waste management accident, you deserve compensation. Curcio Law Offices are here to defend your rights as a victim with the experience and expertise we have as one of Chicago’s most distinguished law firms. We offer guidance from the start of your case to the resolution, and we will never stop fighting for you. If you’d like to schedule your free consultation, please call us at 312-321-1111 today, or fill out our online intake form.

Some causes of garbage truck accidents are more common than others. These vehicles often drive through residential areas, move at slow speeds, and carry a lot of weight. They also offer poor visibility, when compared to other vehicles. Below, we list common factors that contribute to a waste management accident in Chicago:

  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Old, damaged, or failing truck parts
  • Tired or fatigued drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Violations of traffic laws
  • Excessive weight in or on the truck
  • Blind spots and low visibility
  • Improper braking practices
  • Failing to turn on reverse signals

While these are the most common reasons for a garbage truck accident in Chicago, this is not an exhaustive list. Many times, the victims of a waste management accident are passenger vehicles. And sometimes, waste removal employees suffer injuries and need representation, as well.

If a distracted driver has injured you, contact a Chicago distracted driving lawyer for more information.

Every garbage truck accident has unique details, circumstances, and results. Commercial trucks, like these, see both mild and severe accidents, with the results ranging from bumps and bruises to even death. If, somehow, a waste management accident resulted in major trauma, someone’s life could be in danger. Below, we list some of the injuries we’ve seen in a Chicago garbage truck accident:

  • Concussion
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Nerve damage
  • Loss of fetus
  • Orthopedic trauma
  • Internal trauma
  • Loss of limb
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Partial or complete paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Wrongful death

You might think that, because of their slow speed, your life is not at risk during a waste management accident. However, this is not always the case. Your everyday passenger vehicle is simply no match for a garbage truck. In almost every scenario, the passenger vehicle suffers more damage than the waste management truck. Many times, garbage trucks face rear-end collisions due to their abnormal driving patterns. They make frequent stops while on the job, and if a driver is distracted for even a second, they risk a waste management accident.

Additionally, these trucks are very large, and often heavy. Their structure does not allow for operation and movement that is as smooth as a passenger vehicle. These trucks offer poor visibility, many blind spots, and slower stopping speeds. Many passenger vehicle drivers attempt to pass garbage trucks due to their slow movement and frequent stopping. Unfortunately, many collisions occur from this.

As with many other commercial vehicle accidents in Chicago, determining liability in a garbage truck accident is difficult at times. Sometimes, driver negligence is the cause of an accident. Other times, the company itself is to blame. Below, our Chicago commercial vehicle accident lawyers discuss the possible sources of liability in a waste management accident.

  • The garbage truck driver: As with other commercial vehicle drivers, these drivers must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the FMCSA. Ways in which drivers might act negligently include distracted driving, impaired driving, failing to follow traffic laws, failing to check blind spots, and much more. If a driver is found to be at fault for a garbage truck accident, they may be held liable for your injuries.
  • The manufacturer: Sometimes, manufacturers of truck parts sell items that are defective. These defective items have the potential to lead to a waste management accident. Any manufacturer whose part results in an accident may be held liable for injuries caused by that accident. This also falls under product liability law. Examples of parts that cause accidents include brakes, wheels, steering columns, and much more. Contact our Chicago product liability lawyers for more information.
  • The government: Can you sue the government? Local and state governments are responsible for taking proper care of all roadways. If the road conditions are dangerous due to government negligence, trucks might be involved in accidents. Dangerous conditions include potholes, poor design, faulty traffic signals, lack of  proper signage, and much more.
  • Maintenance crew: Every garbage truck must be maintained at a certain standard. If the maintenance crew fails to properly keep up a truck, they might be held liable for an accident.
  • The waste management company: Companies are responsible for hiring experienced drivers for their trucks. If they attempt to cut corners and hire an inexperienced driver or fail to provide training, they might be held responsible.

Absolutely. Personal injury lawyers exist to advocate for the rights of garbage truck accident victims, as well as victims of any other accidents. Rather than allowing waste management and insurance companies to take advantage of victims, we fight on their behalf. The accident wasn’t your fault, so why should you have to suffer even more? Filing a case against companies, manufacturers, and government entities requires resources, skills, and time that the average person likely does not have. Dedicated personal injury firms possess all that you need for a successful settlement. The legal process is daunting, so don’t wait to hire the right Chicago personal injury firm for your case.

Were You Injured in a Garbage Truck Accident in Chicago?

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