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At Curcio & Casciato, our Chicago truck accident attorneys focus exclusively on personal injury cases. If you or a family member were in an accident with a garbage truck, you may have a valid garbage truck accident case. A garbage truck accident lawyer at our law firm can offer guidance from the start of your legal claim to the resolution, and our experienced attorneys will never stop fighting for you.

While many people don’t view large waste removal trucks as dangerous, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates 1,400+ serious injuries occur annually as a result of garbage truck accidents, with over 100 resulting in a fatal crash.

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What Are Common Causes of Garbage Truck Crashes in Chicago?

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Some causes of garbage truck accidents are more common than others. These trash trucks often drive through residential neighborhoods, move at slow speeds, make frequent stops, and carry a lot of weight. They also offer poor visibility when compared to other vehicles.

Below, our Chicago garbage truck accident attorneys list common factors that contribute to garbage truck accidents in Chicago. Garbage truck accidents occur due to:

  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Old, damaged, or failing truck parts
  • Tired or fatigued garbage truck drivers
  • Distracted garbage truck drivers
  • Violations of traffic laws
  • Excessive weight in or on the truck
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Blind spots and low visibility
  • Improper braking practices
  • Failing to turn on reverse signals

While these are the most common reasons for a garbage truck accident in Chicago, this is not an exhaustive list. Many times, the victims of a waste management accident are passenger vehicles. Sometimes, waste removal employees suffer injuries and need representation, as well.

What are Common Injuries After a Garbage Truck Accident?

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Every garbage truck accident has unique details, circumstances, and results. Garbage trucks and recycling trucks see mild and severe accidents, with the results ranging from bumps and bruises to even death.

If an accident with a garbage truck resulted in major trauma, someone’s life could be in danger. Below, we list some of the injuries we’ve seen in a Chicago garbage truck accident:

  • Concussion
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Nerve damage
  • Loss of fetus
  • Orthopedic trauma
  • Internal trauma
  • Loss of limb
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Partial or complete paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Wrongful death

Garbage truck accidents are particularly dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. Our Chicago bicycle accident lawyers and Chicago pedestrian accident lawyers have extensive experience with garbage truck crash claims for cyclists and pedestrians in Chicago, IL.

Why Garbage Trucks Are So Dangerous

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You might think that, because of their slow speed, your life is not at risk during a waste management accident. However, this is not always the case. Your everyday passenger vehicle is simply no match for a garbage truck.

In most car accidents, the smaller vehicle suffers more damage than the waste management truck. Many times, garbage trucks face rear-end collisions due to their abnormal driving patterns. They make frequent stops while on the job, and if a garbage truck driver is distracted for even a second, they risk a waste management accident.

Additionally, garbage trucks are very large and often heavy. Their structure does not allow for operation and movement that is as smooth as standard vehicles. These large trucks offer poor visibility, many blind spots, and slower stopping speeds.

Many passenger vehicle drivers attempt to pass garbage trucks due to their slow movement and frequent stopping. Unfortunately, a garbage truck collision can occur from this.

Responsible Parties in a Chicago Garbage Truck Accident

As with many other commercial vehicle accidents in Chicago, determining liability in a garbage truck accident is difficult at times. Sometimes, driver negligence is the cause of an accident. Other times, the company itself is the at-fault party.

Below, we discuss the possible negligent parties in a garbage truck crash.

As with other commercial truck drivers, garbage truck drivers must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the FMCSA. Ways in which garbage truck drivers might act negligently include distracted driving, impaired driving, failing to follow traffic laws, failing to check blind spots, and much more.

If a garbage truck driver is found to be at fault for a garbage truck accident, they may be held liable for your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit.

If a garbage or dump truck driver caused injuries due to distracted driving, contact a Chicago distracted driving accident attorney for a free consultation.

Sometimes, manufacturers of truck parts sell items that are defective. These manufacturing defects have the potential to lead to garbage truck accidents. Any manufacturer whose part results in an accident may be held liable for injuries caused by that accident.

This also falls under product liability law. Examples of parts that cause accidents include brakes, wheels, steering columns, and much more.

Contact a Chicago defective product lawyer to learn more.

Local and state governments are responsible for taking proper care of all roadways. If the road conditions are dangerous due to government negligence, trucks might be involved in accidents.

Dangerous conditions include potholes, poor design, faulty traffic signals, lack of proper signage, etc.

Every garbage truck must be maintained at a certain standard. If the maintenance crew fails to properly keep up a truck, they might be held liable for an accident.

Waste management companies are responsible for hiring experienced garbage truck drivers and sanitation workers. If the parties involved attempt to cut corners and hire an inexperienced garbage truck driver or fail to provide training, the private company might be held responsible.

How Can a Chicago Garbage Truck Accident Attorney Help?

A Chicago garbage truck accident attorney can advocate for victims rights, helping them secure fair compensation from waste management companies or the government, if necessary, through a personal injury lawsuit.

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Filing a garbage truck accident case against waste management companies, manufacturers of commercial vehicles, and government entities requires resources, skills, and time that the average person likely does not have.

Dedicated garbage truck lawyer firms possess all that you need for a successful settlement. The legal claim process is daunting, so don’t wait to hire the right garbage truck accident lawyer in Chicago for your case.

Compensation for Garbage Truck Accidents in Chicago, IL

In the unfortunate event of a garbage truck accident in Chicago, IL, victims may be entitled to compensation. This compensation can cover various damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

To navigate the complexities of such a claim, it’s advisable to consult with a Chicago garbage truck accident attorney. An experienced attorney can help victims understand their rights, gather necessary evidence, and negotiate with the insurance company or pursue litigation if necessary to secure financial compensation for medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, and more.

Chicago Garbage Truck Accident Attorney for Child Injuries

Garbage truck accidents are particularly an issue in residential areas where small children play. According to trucking law, when waste collectors collect trash in neighborhoods, they are to follow the speed limits, ensure hazardous materials are adequately contained, and ensure the safety of children, especially on narrow streets.

When a child is injured in a garbage truck accident in Chicago, the situation necessitates specialized legal expertise due to the particularly sensitive nature of cases involving minors. A Chicago garbage truck accident attorney with experience in child injuries is equipped to handle these delicate matters, understanding both the immediate and long-term impact of the injury on the child’s life.

Such an attorney will advocate for the child’s rights, seeking compensation that covers medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, psychological counseling, lost wages for parents, and, when applicable, compensation for future impacts on the child’s quality of life and potential earnings. Working with a skilled Chicago child injury attorney ensures that the legal process considers the unique needs of the injured child, including navigating the complexities of Illinois law regarding settlements for minors and the establishment of guardianships or trusts to manage awarded funds.

The goal is to secure a future for the child that is as close as possible to what it would have been without the injury, acknowledging that the emotional and physical scars may last a lifetime.

Garbage Truck Accident Wrongful Death Claim in Chicago, IL

In Chicago, IL, a wrongful death claim arising from a garbage truck crash represents a legal action initiated by the surviving family members or the estate of an individual who has died as a result of the accident.

Illinois law allows the deceased’s next of kin, such as spouses, children, or parents, to seek compensation for losses including funeral and burial expenses, loss of financial support, loss of companionship, and grief and sorrow suffered due to their loved one’s untimely death.

Similar to personal injury claims, a wrongful death claim in Illinois must be filed within a specific timeframe—typically within two years of the date of death. A Chicago wrongful death attorney can provide invaluable assistance in navigating the complexities of wrongful death litigation, helping the family to achieve some measure of justice and financial stability in the wake of their loss.

How Long Do I Have to File a Garbage Truck Accident Claim in Illinois?

In Illinois, you have two years from the date of the garbage truck crash to file a garbage truck accident claim. However, certain circumstances, such as the victim being a minor or the accident involving government-owned trash trucks, may affect this timeline. Due to these complexities and the importance of timely action, consulting with a Chicago accident lawyer who focuses on such cases shortly after the accident is highly advisable. This legal guidance can ensure that your claim is filed within the appropriate deadlines and maximizes your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Chicago Garbage Truck Accident Attorney

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