Rabies is a disease that is often present in animals. There is a vaccine for it to prevent animals from getting it, but if you suffer a bite from a dog that has not had the vaccine, you could be at risk for the disease. According to the World Health Organization, 99% of the cases of rabies in humans come from dogs, so the risk is serious. 

Rabies is fatal without proper medical intervention. If a dog bites you and you do not know the animal’s medical history, you should treat the situation as if the dog is positive for rabies. Treatment involves several steps all of which aim to stop the virus from attacking your central nervous system, which leads to death. 


The first step in treatment is to completely wash the site of the bite as soon as possible. You also need to undergo a series of vaccines. In some cases, you may also need to receive rabies immunoglobulin. It is imperative to start treatment as soon as possible after you suffer a bite. The disease progresses quickly, and once it reaches the central nervous system, there is very little a doctor can do to cure you. 

Additional notes 

You should know that you cannot always tell if an animal has rabies because it may not present signs of infection for a long time after being positive for the disease. In addition, medical professionals cannot easily diagnose the disease in animals or humans. For this reason, you should always undergo treatment after a dog bite if you are not positive the dog has proper vaccination against the disease. 

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