Why is plastic surgery crucial to bite victims?

When Illinois bite victims suffer from attacks, the aftermath can be far-reaching. A bite wound may take a long time to recover from. The more severe it is, the longer and harder the recovery process gets. It also leaves the victim with scars. 

This scarring is why plastic surgery is crucial to a survivor’s recovery. Today we will take a deeper look into this. 

The importance of surgery for mental health 

Healthline mentions the long-term impact that bite injuries on victims of attack. The physical damage is an obvious risk. But physical damage goes beyond having tissue torn. Reconstructive surgery often helps piece a victim together again after a brutal attack. But sometimes, life-saving surgery and basic reconstruction is not enough. 

Some may find it surprising that plastic surgery is a cosmetic surgery. This is true even in the treatment of bite victims. Many bite victims argue that it is not cosmetic or elective. It is a necessity. Why? Because a bite attack can rob a victim of their physical identity. Looking into a mirror and not recognizing yourself is a deeply traumatic experience. Some victims cite feelings of depression or anxiety heightening in these situations. Not only that, but it serves as a constant reminder of the attack the victim survived through. 

Plastic surgery and victim recovery 

Psychologists believe that plastic surgery is crucial to recovery. It gives the victim part of their life back. Looks may seem “superficial” to some, but that is far from true for victims. It is harder to leave mental trauma behind when there are physical reminders of it. Many bite attack victims lobby for the coverage of plastic surgery for this exact reason. 

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