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motorcycle safety

Motorcycling is a wonderful way to get around. To feel the open wind against your skin is exhilarating. However, as a motorcyclist, you do face a higher risk of cataclysmic accidents, given the exposed nature of your ride. Our Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers provide some tips to help with Chicago motorcycle safety.

Motorcycle Safety Tip #1: Equipment that Functions Correctly

You should be alert at all times, and ensure that your equipment is fully functional for each and every outing. According to the National Safety Council, a helmet is your most important piece of gear. Additionally, you should never buy a used helmet. Used gear could offer you no protection at all during a time of crisis. 

Motorcycle Safety Tip #2: Defensive Driving

If defensive driving is foundational to the safe operation of a car or truck, then it is even more imperative for you. Automobile drivers should have a heightened awareness of motorcyclists, but you should reciprocate by assuming that no one else can see you. This type of ultra-defensive driving can be your greatest safety measure. 

Defensive driving does not protect you from all circumstances, however. Accidents can and do happen all the time. If you find yourself caught up in a car accident, call a Chicago car accident lawyer with our firm.

Chicago offers a Cycle Rider Training Program, as well.

Motorcycle Safety Tip #3: Inspect

Constant inspection of your machine, maintaining your protective gear (such as helmets and gloves) and having a clear mind when you take to the streets are absolutely critical. Below are a few helpful tips for improving your motorcycle safety, and preventing serious injuries. 

  • Check tires before each ride to prevent blowouts on the highway 
  • Check brake lights and blinkers to ensure they are operating correctly 
  • Drive at or below the speed limit and never drive aggressively  
  • Wear bright-colored clothing and reflectors to improve visibility, especially at night 
  • Never take to the road when impaired by alcohol
  • Don’t brake check other drivers if they drive closely behind you

We’re often asked the question, “Is brake-checking illegal in Illinois?” If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident because of this, contact our Chicago brake checking accident attorneys.

With just a few simple safety measures, and a highly watchful eye, you can increase your odds at having a long, safe motorcycling career. For more information, call our Chicago personal injury lawyers today at 312-321-1111 to schedule a free consultation.

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