What is the Cycle Rider Safety Training Program?


One of the best ways to be safe of a motorcycle is to make sure your skills are sharp. You can do this through the Cycle Rider Safety Training Program. 

The Illinois Department of Transportation explains this program is for anyone age 16 or over with a valid permit or license for a motorcycle or automobile. If you complete the beginner’s course prior to getting your motorcycle license, you will get a license wavier if you are over the age of 18.  The waiver allows you to bypass the written and riding portions of the licensing examination. This program is the only way to get this waiver. 

Courses in the Cycle Rider Safety Training Program 

The program offers courses for everyone from beginners to advanced riders. The beginner courses include basic courses that provide training in the classroom and on the bike. It helps with street skills and learning the essential skills you must know to safely ride a motorcycle. The program provides you with a helmet and bike to use. 

The advanced course works on refining skills and self-assessment. It helps you to learn safe ways to maneuver your bike and avoid collisions. You will have to provide your own bike and helmet. 

Benefits of the Cycle Rider Safety Training Program

Completing a course in the CRSTP allows you to gain confidence as a rider. You will learn skills that you can put into use right away to stay safe. You will discover how to better handle your bike to avoid common accidents that lead to single-vehicle crashes. You may also benefit from insurance discounts as insurer providers recognize the benefits of such a program in creating safer and more responsible riders. If you’ve been injured in an accident, get in touch with our Chicago motorcycle attorneys.

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