Illinois Texting and Driving Laws


As a safe driver, you put effort into avoiding dangerous car accidents. Unfortunately, no matter how much you protect yourself, drivers who choose to text and drive put you at serious risk of injury. Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself the victim of a distracted driving crash. While Illinois prohibits people from texting and driving, the small penalty does not dissuade every motorist. But new Illinois texting and driving laws hopes to give drivers an incentive to avoid being on the phone while behind the wheel.

What is the Penalty for Texting While Driving in Illinois?

Two new enhancements to current distracted driving laws go into effect on July 1, 2020. The first increases the penalties for texting drivers who cause serious harm to another person. Motorists found guilty of this infraction will lose their license for a year and must pay a minimum $1,000 fine.

The second law increases safety for pedestrians. Anyone who violates the right of way in a crosswalk or a school zone and seriously injures someone must face a 12-month license suspension.

Victims of Texting and Driving Accidents in Illinois

Distracted driving is a serious issue in Illinois. When drivers take away their attention from the road, they may miss out on important signals or road hazards. They may not see another car that just pulled out in front of them. Pedestrians also face serious risk when drivers don’t notice or heed a crosswalk.

These accidents can result in severe and permanent injury. Since distracted drivers don’t pay attention, they may not be able to react in time to slow down before impact. Victims can end up with damage that requires months or even years of medical treatment. This amount should be reflected in a car wreck or permanent injury settlement.

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You may not need any extra incentive to put your phone away when you’re behind the wheel. But many drivers you share the road with still choose to distract themselves. By implementing these new laws, Illinois hopes to keep your drive safer by giving these dangerous motorists a reason to focus on the highway.

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