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Uber Accident Lawyer in Chicago, IL

rideshare accident lawyer
Regular car accident cases are stressful and complicated enough. But, what happens if you’re in an Uber and the driver gets into an accident? If you sustained injuries from the accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Uber has an extremely large number of drivers, so their vehicles are everywhere. For this reason, an Uber driver accident is inevitable. No driver is perfect, but personal injury suits against rideshare companies are more complex than the average car accident case. However, hiring the right Uber accident lawyer is essential to the success of your case. At Curcio Law Offices in Chicago, we understand how frustrating any accident can be. When big insurance companies and corporations get involved, things are even worse. If they don’t wish to cooperate and compensate you for your injuries, that’s when we take them to court. For over 60 years, our experienced commercial vehicle accident lawyers have advocated and fought for clients. No matter how simple or complex the accident, we’re more than ready to fight for you. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with a dedicated motor vehicle accident attorney, please call our office at 312-321-1111 today.

What Happens if my Uber Driver Gets in an Accident?

It may come as no surprise that Uber, as a company, has an insurance policy covering their drivers. In the event of an accident, this policy kicks in and covers damages up to a certain amount.

However, the policy varies slightly depending on the specifics of the case. Generally, the insurance policy covers up to $1 million in damages caused during the accident.

Additionally, if the Uber driver accident occurs during your ride, you are almost guaranteed compensation in some form under the policy.

You may receive reimbursement for the damages we list below:

  • Medical bills and expenses incurred as a result of the accident
  • Property damage expenses resulting from the accident
  • Lost wages due to your being unable to work after the accident
  • Wrongful death costs, such as burial costs or funeral expenses

Who is Liable When an Uber Driver Gets in an Accident?

As with almost any vehicle accident, multiple parties potentially hold liability for the accident. After your Chicago Uber driver accident, you can and should seek compensation from all parties responsible for your injuries and damages. Your Chicago Uber accident lawyer might find that multiple parties played some part in the crash. Therefore, they all have some compensatory responsibility to you.

Below, we list a number of potentially responsible groups or individuals in an Uber accident:

Illinois is actually a “modified comparative negligence” state. That means that, in the event of an accident, if the person seeking damages was 51% to blame for that accident, they cannot seek damages.

How to Report an Accident to Uber

Uber actually has a system for reporting accidents located conveniently within their app. The rideshare app hosts an accident form that you submit for the insurance claim. After you report the accident using this form, Uber’s support team for claims steps in.

The team outlines the claims process for you, and attempts to guide you through it. Then, they must report the crash to however their insurance carrier is for your state.

Because of the specific nature of an Uber accident, you probably won’t need to contact your own insurance company. However, if you feel unsure about anything during the process, you need an Uber accident lawyer. Dedicated attorneys help immensely during a complicated accident case. This is especially true when your case involves a large rideshare company, like Uber.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Settlement Check From an Uber Accident?

Insurance companies and big corporations love to make people wait and short them on settlements. Why? Because they’d rather try to save money than pay you what you deserve for your injuries.

If Uber and the insurance company drag their feet after you submit your claim, you need a Chicago Uber accident lawyer.

In simpler cases, it might take a couple of weeks to get a response from the insurance agent assigned to your case. Once the agent receives your case assignment, they read over the materials and information. Then, they usually check your medical records, driving history, and all other relevant information. 

The amount of time it takes for your agent to respond usually depends on both their personal caseload and the complexity of your particular case. If they happen to have only a few pending cases, it  should take no longer than a couple of weeks to hear back. If they have several pending cases, you might be waiting quite a while.

Below, we list other factors that affect the length of time that your case lasts:

  • The initial offer from the insurance agent is very low, and requires much more negotiation.
  • Your assigned agent intentionally stalls the process. They likely realize that, as people become more impatient to receive a settlement offer, they also become more desperate. If they leave people waiting a while, they might be able to get away with a lower offer.
  • Unfortunately, some insurance agents or companies act in bad faith. Examples of bad faith insurance practices include dismissing or denying your claim for little to no reason.

When Should I Contact an Attorney Regarding an Accident as an Uber Driver?

As soon as possible. The sooner you hire a Chicago Uber accident lawyer, the better off you’ll be. Even for minor, non-complex accidents, an attorney always helps. If you want to protect both yourself and your future, you need an attorney right away. In many cases, people think that hiring a lawyer is unnecessary or a waste of money. We assure you that, when an Uber driver accident occurs, you’ll want a lawyer on your side. In other cases, hiring a lawyer is an obvious necessity.

Below, we list several cases in which it is detrimental not to hire an Uber accident lawyer.

  • One or more serious injuries occurred from the accident.
  • Injuries requiring long-term treatment occurred.
  • Expensive treatments are needed for certain injuries, but your insurance refuses to cover it.
  • Your injury or injuries result in long-term hospital care.
  • You or someone else missed work due to the accident.
  • Uber or the responsible insurance company does not agree with you about how serious your injuries are.

Experienced Chicago Uber Accident Lawyer for Personal Injury Claims

At Curcio Law Offices, we understand that any accident or injury is a frustrating occurrence. Navigating through slow insurance agents and complex cases with big companies is difficult. This is especially true when all they care about is saving money rather than cooperating with you.

That’s why you need a top Chicago Uber accident lawyer with Curcio Law Offices. If you’re trying to focus on your recovery rather than a complicated lawsuit, let us handle it for you. We fight for just compensation for our clients every step of the way, and we can’t wait to work with you.

For more information about our personal injury strategies or for a free consultation, please call 312-321-1111 today. Find out how our experience, skills, and track record set us apart.