When you are enjoying the thrill of riding your motorcycle on the streets of Illinois, probably one of the last things on your mind is sustaining a brain injury after a crash. You may have been fortunate enough in your riding experience to avoid an accident or serious injury thus far. However, every time you ride out, there is always the risk becoming involved in a motorcycle accident that can cause you serious injuries and brain trauma.

As a motorcycle rider, you may already be aware that you are at a higher risk of sustaining head trauma in a motor vehicle accident. You do not necessarily have to give up riding to avoid this risk. Learning about how motorcycle accidents contribute to brain injuries can help encourage you to take precautions to stay safe on the roads.

Brain injuries are common in motorcycle accidents

In motorcycle accidents, one of the most vulnerable parts on a rider’s body is the head. Though riders in Illinois are not legally required to wear helmets to protect their heads, it is advisable to do so. Riders who end up falling off their bikes in collisions often sustain more physical trauma, such as catastrophic brain injuries, than drivers of other vehicle types.

Brain injuries can seriously impact accident victims

The hours and days after a motorcycle collision are extremely critical for motorcycle riders who sustain brain injuries in accidents. The signs of brain injury become more obvious over time, especially as the amount of swelling and pressure increase inside of the skull. Though not all brain injuries are serious, motorcyclists who suffer them are more likely to experience long-term problems, such as amnesia, a loss of motor skills, an inability to communicate, mood changes and seizures. In severe cases, the outcome is death.

Such issues may make it challenging for motorcycle accident victims to return to work and their normal pre-accident routines. Wearing a helmet can reduce, if not eliminate, a rider’s chance of sustaining a life-altering injury.

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