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Samsung Phones Allegedly Causing Severe Burns

In September,the news headlines have been dominated by the serious product liability issues found with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, whose batteries were reported to explode while charging. The product was just released in mid-August, and although Samsung acted quickly in removing it from the market, public concern still remains over the sheer number of products that that appear to be making it onto the market and into consumers’ hands, only to catch on fire and cause a serious injuries.

Furthermore, Samsung willreportedly require anyone with a Galaxy Note 7 to install a software update, which would supposedly warn owners if the device is unsafe, indicating that it needs to be returned. But is this reasonable to require of customers who purchased this product?

Severe Burns & Property Damage

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission—charged with protecting the public from risk of injury or death associated with consumer products–issued aformal recall for the devices in mid-September, noting that the phone represented a serious fire hazard. According to the Commission, there were close to 30 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage, which not only included fires started in garages and cars, but entire homes burning down. Another case involved $1,400 in hotel room damage. Out of approximately one million phones sold in the US alone, the Commissionestimates that around 97 percent of them contain the defective batteries.

Product Defect Litigation

Some consumers have reportedly experienced such severe second-degree burns after carrying the phone in their pockets that they have decided tofile lawsuits against Samsung, seeking compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering associated with the devices. When consumers bring product liability claims for issues like these, typically an investigation is done to find out why some individual products became dangerous—violating safety standards—while others did not. Whether or not the manufacturer knew about the defect (or would/should have known if they had exercised reasonable due care)—and whether this created a foreseeable risk of harm to consumers—is ultimately up to the jury in cases like these.

The US Federal Aviation Administration has also banned the phones from checked baggage following a number of spontaneous explosions, while other airlines have gone so far as to ban passengers from using or charging the phone during flights.

Lawyers Who Fight For Those Injured By Defective Products

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