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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 2% of the U.S. population is bitten by dogs in any given year and nearly 10 to 20 people die every year as a result of dog bites. The vast majority of dog bites occur to children under the age of twelve. Typically children suffer injuries to the face, neck, and chest as the result of being attacked by a dog. The bite of an adult dog can exert close to 200 pounds of pressure per square inch and result in crushed bones, severe lacerations, and permanent scaring. Our attorneys are committed to aggressively pursuing compensation for these victims. At Curcio Law Offices, our attorneys have successfully represented numerous clients that suffered serious personal injuries as a result of dog bites.

Illinois law imposes a strict liability standard on dog owners. Therefore, regardless of whether a dog is known to be vicious or has previously bitten someone, the dog owner is responsible for any injuries the dog causes in unprovoked attacks.

All too often people do not pursue dog bite claims. Some assume dog owners do not have the resources to cover the medical expenses associated with the injuries. However, homeowner’s insurance policies typically cover dog bite injuries. Others don’t’ pursue a claim because they are under the mistaken assumption that a claim for compensation will necessitate the destruction of the dog. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and ensuring they receive full compensation for their dog bite injury.

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