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Pool Owner Tips To Protect Against Premises Liability Claims

If you own a pool, then you know all too well the many liability issues that might arise from that ownership. As an owner, you might just be looking for fun. You could, however, find yourself with a lawsuit if someone coming to your home happens to get injured. In order to protect yourself from this kind of premises liabilityclaim, there are some steps that you should take.

1. Post signs advising guests of all known dangers

As a property owner, your responsibility is to alert your guests of all known dangers in a way that is convincing and clear. If you own a pool, then you should have clearly marked signs detailing the depth of the water. There should be signs that inform swimmers that they should not dive into the pool because of its swallow water. In addition, you might place a sign informing guests that the poor has no lifeguard, so they are swimming at their own risk. While this sign won’t necessarily protect you from all liability, it can help to strengthen your case.

2. Place a fence around your pool if possible

Pool owners have a heightened responsibility to protect children from harm. All property owners are responsible for the consequences that occur when a child finds himself in an attractive nuisance. In many cases, a pool will be considered an attractive nuisance, meaning that even a child who trespasses onto your property can have a case against you if he ends up injured in your pool. By placing a fence around the pool and adorning that fence with both warnings and no trespass signs, you will be helping your cause in the unlikely case that a child happens to stumble onto your property.

3. Avoid diving boards and slides if possible

Unless you have a pool that goes to 10-feet deep, it is best to avoid placing things like diving boards and slides on the side of your pool. These items add extra liability for the homeowner and increase the chances that a person will be injured using your pool. Diving boards often break, and it is difficult to keep them dry enough to be safe. If a slide happens to fall over, it can cause broken bones or drowning. By avoiding these items, you’ll reduce the odds that you’ll end up facing a premises liability lawsuit from someone visiting your pool.

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