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Birth Injury

A Birth Injury is a physical injury that takes place during the birthing process.  Birth Injuries may also result in a cognitive impairment or developmental delay in the child as a result of trauma to the brain or cranium.  As medical technology has advanced over the past few decades, birth injuries have decreased significantly.  Unfortunately, mistakes may still sometimes occur due to a medical professional’s negligence that result in a Birth Injury.

A host of injuries may occur as the result of a birth injury; some of the more common injuries are a fracture of the baby’s clavicle, cerebral palsy, and brain damage to the baby.  If you or someone you know has experienced a trauma while giving birth that resulted in damage to the baby, you should speak to a personal injury attorney soon after the birth.  The baby may have an extended period of time within which to file a claim for damages but it is best to pursue any cause of action which you may have at the earliest possible date.  To learn more, visit our section on Birth Injury.