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Death Of Chicago Mother Highlights Crosswalk Negligence

After a suburban Chicago mother of five was struck and killed while in a poorly marked, unnoticeable crosswalk,officials announced that they will update the Illinois publication of the “Rules of the Road” for next year to try and reduce the dangers pedestrians and bicyclists face every day in state crosswalks. Although difficult to understand why, Read More

Samsung Phones Allegedly Causing Severe Burns

In September,the news headlines have been dominated by the serious product liability issues found with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, whose batteries were reported to explode while charging. The product was just released in mid-August, and although Samsung acted quickly in removing it from the market, public concern still remains over the sheer number Read More

Animal Attacks On Vacation And Liability

No one will forget the news story that shocked and saddened so many: A small boy attacked by an alligator at Disney World in June, ultimately suffering head injuries that resulted in his death, while he was on vacation. New evidence has now emerged that several sources had previouslywarned staffers about alligators being located five Read More

Keeping Children And Families Safe In Swimming Pools

As we approach (what feels like) unprecedented levels of hot weather this summer, many families will likely flock to swimming pools to cool off and provide their children with a fun activity to fill their weekends. However, it is important to be aware that not only can your child become injured from slipping and falling Read More

Railroad Operator Negligence And Unawareness

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) estimates approximately 5,800 train accidents involving other vehicles occur across the U.S. each year. These accidents result in approximately 600 fatalities in addition to approximately 2,300 injuries. Unfortunately, it is estimated that at least 50% of the fatality train accidents occur due to inadequate safety devices and markings Read More

Toyota Expands Airbag Recall

The Takata airbag recall has received plenty of attention recently; the New York Times just featured a story announcing that Toyota is now recalling more than 1.5 million additional vehicles in the United States, once again connected to airbag inflator issues linked to manufacturer Takata. This has any consumers concerned not only about potentially deadly Read More

When Medical Conditions Intersect With Workplace Injuries Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to a recent study, people with untreated sleep apnea—a serious sleep disorder that involves pausing while breathing or taking shallow breaths during sleep—are twice as likely to suffer from a workplace injury compared to those who do not suffer from the condition. Given that up to 25 percent of all adults between ages 30 and Read More

How Google Plans To Rewrite The Rules Of The Road

In the words of Mayor Richard J. Berry of Albuquerque, New Mexico: “This [Google driverless car] is going to change cities.” So what is that change going to look like? Inevitably, it’s going to change motor vehicle accidents, personal injury litigation, serious and fatal accident injuries verdicts, and probably wrongful death verdicts as well. But Read More

What Rights And Protections Do My Parents Have In Their Nursing Home?

It is a real fear that many families live with in America today: Are my parents safe in their nursing home? It doesn’t help that news coverage seems to constantly reportstories of people becoming ill or being neglected (or even intentionally harmed) in a nursing home, including here in Chicago. But what can be done Read More

What Should I Do If My Car Is Recalled Because Of A Faulty Safety Feature Such As Airbags

Recalls are more common for vehicle safety than ever before, it is important to stay up to date about recalls to ensure you and your families safety, with websites like you can quickly check if any recalls have been made on your motor vehicle. What To Do If Your Car Is Recalled Due To Read More