Chicago Construction Zone Warnings

More often than not, injuries occur when an unexpected construction accident happens. By learning the warning signs of a dangerous situation, you can prevent undue harm to yourself or others.

Chicago Construction Zone: What to Look For

Some of the most common issues, occur when people fall suddenly and objects strike unaware workers. In particular, there were higher rates of injuries reported for construction workers as a group during working hours when compared to the general full-time employee population, according to the CDC. Slipping and falling is particularly dangerous when you are up on a ladder or roof, and also if you are operating machinery. Nail guns or large equipment can have misfires, which puts anyone around at risk for grave injuries. Being aware of others in your vicinity helps reduce the amount of errors made.

Auto Accidents Around Chicago Construction Zones

Additionally, vehicular accidents are rampant in certain situations. Being crushed or injured from a moving truck while standing in a blind spot is a serious worry for construction workers. While you are in a construction zone, it is imperative to keep a close watch on your surroundings and communicate constantly with those around you. Never walk out into an active area without first checking with the other workers. Less obvious but equally pain-inducing injuries you may receive include heatstroke, muscle pain caused by repetitive movement, and overuse of limbs or straining. Dressing in weather-appropriate clothing and being certain to wear the proper safety gear at all times is necessary.

While in a construction zone, you are likely to encounter situations and dangers that are unique to that line of work. Being aware of how to deal with these issues can help you avoid serious injury.

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