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Work Construction? What Can You Do To Be More Alert and Productive at Work?

how to be more alert at work

When you work in construction in Illinois, you are probably familiar with some of the risks of your job. Protecting yourself against preventable accidents and injuries requires you to abide by company-sanctioned laws and protocols designed to allow you to work productively without compromising your health and well-being. Outside of being a rule-follower, your commitment to your own personal health can make a considerable difference in your ability to be safe at work. After suffering injuries at work, we recommend speaking with a qualified personal injury law firm Chicago for more information. Call 312-321-1111 today to schedule a free consultation.

Habits for Safety in Construction

Some of the habits you can develop and maintain to keep yourself healthy include eating right, getting enough sleep and staying active. These behaviors may help to boost your alertness and help you maintain a strong physical condition. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to feel alert and awake at work, especially if you are experiencing things like mental distraction, mental illness, fatigue, insomnia, boredom or emotional trauma in your personal life. 

Take Breaks if You Work in Construction

When conditions such as these are preventing you from being focused, you may consider professional help for serious problems or discuss your concerns with your employer. If you absolutely must continue working, healthline.com has some valuable suggestions to help you wake yourself up in moments where you are unmotivated or struggling to stay alert. Work together with your employer to establish an expectation for breaks so you can guarantee that you have intermittent periods throughout the day to recharge. Always keep snacks nearby and pack things that are balanced in protein, fat and carbohydrates which will provide sustenance. Keep a water bottle with you during your shift and drink it regularly. 

Safety Standards for Construction Workers

Make sure you always have adequate light and appropriate safety equipment to do your job. If this is an issue, address your concerns with your employer. One thing you should never do is consume drugs or alcohol before your shift. These substances can not only cloud your ability to make responsible decisions but it also instantly endangers your safety and that of others around you. 

If you have been injured on the job, contact the experienced Chicago third party work injury attorneys at Curcio Law Offices for a free consultation.

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