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What to do Following a Construction Accident

following a construction accident

If you received the devastating news that a construction accident critically injured a family member, what would you do first? The actions you take (and just as importantly, do not take) in the days following a construction accident may determine your future. 

Your options may be hard to understand, and not everyone you talk to in the aftermath of a catastrophic injury will be on your side.

What to do Following a Construction Accident

Here are some things to do and others to avoid: 

Do take care of your loved one and your family 

Your first priority is medical attention. Do not let anyone talk you out of receiving medical treatment, or talk you into “waiting to see what happens.” Get medical attention immediately. 

Do not make statements to employers, co-workers or insurance company representatives  

You may find your family member’s employer representatives or their insurance company at the emergency room waiting area. Do not answer questions, make statements or speculate as to what happened. A simple, out-of-context statement about your family member not sleeping well the night before or experiencing stress could become a key piece of the employer’s defense. 

Do talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer following a construction accident

Even if you believe that your family member’s company will do everything to treat you fairly, an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer can help guide you through the process. Lawyers do not just serve those going into the courtroom. They can often help victims of devastating construction accidents reach settlements with insurance companies quicker by helping the injured party and their family understand their rights. 

Catastrophic Injuries Following Construction Accidents

Critical injuries in construction accidents may cost your family member the use of her or his limbs or sight or cause great pain and suffering. Medical expenses and the loss of income are only a small part of the impact on the family in the years to come. Do not settle with an insurance company without knowing the options. 

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