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Animal Attacks On Vacation And Liability

No one will forget the news story that shocked and saddened so many: A small boy attacked by an alligator at Disney World in June, ultimately suffering head injuries that resulted in his death, while he was on vacation.

New evidence has now emerged that several sources had previouslywarned staffers about alligators being located five feet from shore that day, far enough in advance of the attack. The fact that staffers had previous warning of these public safety hazards (the presence of alligators), and sufficient time to prevent the child’s injuries and death, arguably makes it a viable premises liability case (not to mention  personal injury and wrongful death as well), although a jury would specifically need to decide on what, specifically, Disney should have done to prevent the incident (close down the beach, remove the alligators, etc.).

A History of Problems

Many do not realize that Walt Disney World resorts didn’t even have alligator warning signs placed to warn visiting families prior to the incident; a basic measure that should have been taken, given the history of the presence of alligators there near the beach.In Florida alone, at least 23 people have been killed by alligators since 1973, including several children, in addition to approximately 400 people who have been bitten and injured. Given the history of issues with alligators in those waters in the state, and the fact that the company had a history of removing some alligators off the property (indicating that it was generally aware of alligators being a problem there), Disney not only should not have been encouraging its visitors to frequent the beaches, but neglected a basic duty to warn visitors of the danger associated with the property.

Unfortunately, Chicago is no stranger to the issue of children being injured due to negligence, even if not necessarily due to alligators: many children are injured in hotel pools each year, for example, or at theme parks. Children are also injured every day at some child care facilities when caretakers fail to exercise a duty of reasonable care. In this instance, not only does the Illinois Premises Liability Act apply, but the Illinois Child Care Act, which specifies that a number of staff members at these facilities are trained in first aid.

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